How To Game Share On PS5

Game sharing, or console sharing as it is known on the PlayStation 5, is a great way to access more games and play games you might otherwise not have tried, it’s also possible on the PS5 to share a PlayStation+ account. However, it’s not quite a simple as it may seem at first as there are some restrictions to how you can use it. First, we will take a look at what game sharing is and how it can be used, and then we will explain how to get it set up right away.

What Is Game Sharing?

Game sharing on the PS5 allows you to access another user’s set of games or PlayStation+ account on your own. This is similar to lending a boxed copy of your games to friends back in the old days, except built for the digital age where boxed copies are becoming less frequent.

PlayStation 5 and controller
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Limitations Of Game Sharing On The PS5

One of the limitations to game sharing is that you can only share your library of games with one other console at a time. That means that if you share your games with one friend one day, then share them with another friend the next day, the first friend will lose access to your games. This is not a problem for accessing your library temporarily whilst visiting a friend, but becomes more of an issue in situations such as if you share your games between two different consoles in your house and then want to access them at a friend’s house.

Another limitation is that you have to be signed into the account that is sharing the games to download them. So if someone is using the other account or has not given you full access to their account, you can only download the games when they are around to log in.

PlayStation 5 and controller
Photo by Kerde Severin from Pexels

How To Enable Game Sharing On The PS5

Thankfully, setting up game sharing on the PS5 is easy. First, you need to sign in to the account which contains the games you want to add to the console. To do this go to Switch User and sign in using the new account. Make sure to select Get Started under Add A User as you will need to make sure to sign in to the PS5 properly, rather than as a temporary account as this will allow you to game share.

Enabling Console Sharing

Now you need to ensure that console sharing is enabled in the menus. This should be enabled by default, but to check if it is you need to go to Settings Users and Accounts > Other Console Sharing and Offline Play and make sure that it is Enabled. This will allow you to access all of that person’s games on your console.