Are Video Games Haram?

A concern for many Islamic gamers is if video games are haram, or forbidden. We believe that a person’s individual beliefs are important and as such different people may interpret the rules differently. We’re not going to tell someone if they are allowed to play video games or not, but we’re going to look at what the prevailing opinions are on whether games are haram or not as well as quotes from the Quran.

Is Playing Video Games Haram?

General opinion on the matter is that playing a game is not itself haram. As explained at, as long as the game has nothing in it that is haram itself, it is not an issue and should not stop you from enjoying video games. it is the content itself that may cause issues.

Muslims using a laptop.
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Another thing to consider is if video games will restrict your worship of God. Quran: 18:19; 23:99,113 states that ‘Everything other than remembering Allah is (considered) wasteful play except four: a man humoring his wife, a man training his horse, a man walking between targets (learning archery), and man learning swimming.‘ Some would take this to mean that gaming is a distraction that should not be allowed, but taking this comment and face value would forbid much of a person’s day-to-day life. It is, however, worth considering if playing a game would take you further away from remembering Allah.

What Kinds Of Game Are Haram?

Whilst some such as Sh. Dr. Haitham al-Haddad on the Islam Net Youtube channel explains that video games are not in itself haram, the content and use of the game can be. Take into consideration other things that are forbidden, such as murder, alcohol or drug use, and gambling. Playing games that contain such acts are considered haram. Whilst it can be difficult to know ahead of time what content is within a game, it obviously rules our a large number of video games.