Welcome to Game Dev Insider

Welcome to Game Dev Insider, a brand new independently run website dedicated to the latest news, reviews and tutorials all straight from industry veterans, ex-industry workers and educators.

We’ll take a deep dive into the inner workings of your favorite games and show them in a light that they are not normally shown. We will cover the very best the game industry has to offer and explain how the amazing effects you see are made. We’ll also look at some of the incredibly impressive stuff that’s hidden right under your noses.

We’re also going to look at the worst aspects of games, the bugs and issues that can break a game or gives a company a reputation for poor quality. We’ll explain how and why these things happen so the next time you come across them you can understand what’s happening and maybe help you avoid them.

Or maybe you want to fix those issues, we’ve got your back there too. We’ll be creating tutorials on how to mod your favorite games from simple art changes to adding completely new elements to them.

There will be a mod spotlight to showcase the very best the modding community has to offer so you can try them and get inspiration for your own work. The modding community is an amazing place and you’ll soon find yourselves immersed in the culture.

What about those of you who want to do more than modding? There will be guides and advice for starting your own indie games or working your way up to a job in the industry alongside the writers of our articles and maybe you can write for us one day too.

Whatever you’re here for we hope you enjoy what you find and join us in our community. If you want to engage with us and the rest of the community you should head over to the forums and get started, we’d love to hear from you.